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The North Staffs Driving Instructor Association (NSDIA) is a pro-active group of driving instructors, who came together to further their knowledge and skills in all matters related to the driver training industry.

Aims And Objectives

The group aims to give instructors an opportunity to meet on a monthly basis, to discus changes in legislation, training issues and future developments in the industry.

Memberhip Benefits

Membership of the group entitles the member to attend monthly meetings and meet other instructors, regular guest speakers from the industry give you valuable information to enhance an instructors CPD.

Locally negotiated discounts with various suppliers and service providers are also available to group members.

When Do We Meet

The group normally meet on the first Wednesday of the month from 7-9 pm.


Sandyford Community Fire Station

Industry News

The revised code, which is voluntary, has been drafted by some of the associations representing ADIs ..

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NSDIA Gallery

Susan McCormack from Tri-Coaching Partnership ..

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